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Before you begin, you need to install the following tools:


To get started with Scaffold-ETH 2, you have two options:

  1. Use git clone to clone the repository.
  2. [Beta] Use the npx command: npx create-eth@latest to bootstrap the project directly.

Option 1: Setup using git cloneโ€‹

Clone this repo & install dependencies:

git clone
cd scaffold-eth-2
yarn install

Option 2: [Beta] Setup using npx create-eth@latestโ€‹

For a simplified setup, Scaffold-ETH 2 offers a beta npx method that guides you interactively through the setup.

Bootstrap the project:

npx create-eth@latest

You will be presented with a series of prompts:

  • Project Name: Input your project name: Enter a name for your project, e.g., my-dapp-example.
  • Solidity Framework What solidity framework do you want to use?: Choose your preferred solidity framework (Hardhat, Foundry)
  • Install packages?: Press Enter for yes (default option) or type n and press Enter for no

Once the setup is complete, navigate to the project directory:

cd project-name

If you choose Foundry as solidity framework in the CLI, you'll also need Foundryup installed on your machine. Checkout: