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Pull Requests

Pull Request Processโ€‹

We follow the "fork-and-pull" Git workflow

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone the project
  3. Create a new branch with a descriptive name
  4. Commit your changes to the new branch
  5. Push changes to your fork
  6. Open a PR in our repository and tag one of the maintainers to review your PR

Here are some tips for a high-quality pull request:

  • Create a title for the PR that accurately defines the work done.
  • Structure the description neatly to make it easy to consume by the readers. For example, you can include bullet points and screenshots instead of having one large paragraph.
  • Add the link to the issue if applicable.
  • Have a good commit message that summarises the work done.

Once you submit your PR:

  • We may ask questions, request additional information, or ask for changes to be made before a PR can be merged. Please note that these are to make the PR clear for everyone involved and aims to create a frictionless interaction process.
  • As you update your PR and apply changes, mark each conversation resolved.

Once the PR is approved, we'll "squash-and-merge" to keep the git commit history clean.